Enchanting Me

What could it mean? I can think of at least two ways one can be enchanted. One is like being hypnotized. This is not so innocent, and curiously it is this kind of enchantment that we think of when we think of love, of romantic love. And as we know, there is a danger here, hence the lack of innocence. But this is what people tend to want to speak about when they speak about enchantment, the enchantment of romance, of being hypnotized. In this sense being enchanted can be a horror. But there is another way. Another way of being enchanted is to be imbued with magical energy. Is this what inspiration is? I do not know, but I think the way we associate the danger of hypnosis with the sublimity of inspiration is a precipice that we need to know the contours of. Like with so many things, it is up to us to figure out if we are being inspired or being obsessed. This is the kind of thing we must learn. Affection is something that must find its way up out of its seedbed like a confession, otherwise it might just be a blind need that we render as something apart from ourselves, like a fantasy. I don’t trust fantasies. I don’t trust the flesh, either, but we play with the cards we are dealt. Instinct is not a hypnosis of the flesh, because in the end you notice you can reach in there and grab it, weave it out. That’s why they call it a canvas, the weaving. Everything has fibers in it.

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