References & Resources

a malleable list of useful references ~

various texts ~

Dialectics Between Suspicion and Trust – Ray Brassier

Concepts and Objects – Ray Brassier

Metaphysics – Lorenz Puntel

The Laugh Of Medusa – Hélène Cixous

#Accelerate Reader

Alex Williams’ critique of Landian philosophy

The Inhuman (Negarestani)

Maximum Jailbreak

Fabio Gironi & Reza Negarestani (NERO)

some blogs ~

Reza Negarestani –

Peter Wolfendale –

David Roden –

Ben Woodard –

Matt Colquhoun –

Mark Fisher –

some key content ~

Capitalism and its threats (Zizek)

Todd Mays on Deleuze (full lecture series)

A Special Form Of Darkness