The Starlit Beast (These Beauties)

These beauties, and


I am for this, exceedingly


new affirmations


and I think ever


but I speak not, but then, in that





What has been said of the broken cathedral can never be taken back


it’s in our blood, both


so you say to me, “lets do it, I’m scared”


and I say “yes, but we know nothing”



No chaplains left


just the gleaming territories of the future


objects in the mirror are closer than they appear


making a mess,


of your city



The curve deepens,










A thousand ships,


worshipping nothing




slither and yon,


various broken, lowercase, and







caulked and smiling,


we shared a game and let it right our rules,


write out rules,


not ours,


it took us in,


the starlit beast


and taught us everything we know

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